Become a Chef

To become a chef, contact Chef Recruiter, Kathie Madison at 812-330-2662 or to sign up to be a Chef!

Chef Responsibilities

As one of our 100 chefs, your responsibility is to prepare your best dish at home and then bring it to share with guests. We’re planning on hosting approximately 600 guests, but don’t worry about feeding the hungry masses! As each chef will only be sharing a “taste” of their best dish, you will need to plan on preparing a full serving for just 25-30 people. We have 6 categories of dishes to choose from Appetizer, Soup, Salad, Side Dish, Main Dish and Dessert.

You are required to be at the event to serve your dish, and may have one “assistant” to help you to serve your dish. We will have plenty of volunteers to assist in bringing in your dish and delivering it to your station. You will receive a “100 Men Who Cook” Chef Hat and Apron to wear during the event and is yours to keep!

You will need to bring your own serving utensils for serving your dish to the guests. Plates, napkins, forks, knives and spoons are provided. We will also provide electricity (if needed and requested), and chafing dishes (if requested) to keep your dish warm.

You will have 4 feet of an 8-foot banquet table as your “Chef Station”. Please feel free to decorate your table, wear a costume, or create any other ambiance-enhancing activities to draw attention and increase “tips”.

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